Jay Padlan monitoring factory in Indonesia

I am Jay Padlan - Friend of the Sea Monitoring Director for the Western Pacific


Fleets from six fisheries have been approved as compliant with Friend of the Sea requirements, in the Western Pacific:


-  the Frabelle purse seine fleet for tuna;

-  the Indonesia artisanal trammel nets fishery for tropical prawns;

-  the Leigh Fish fleet in New Zealand fishing with short lines and seines;

-  the Raptis trawlers for topical prawns in Northern Australia;

-  the traditional multihooks Philippines fishery for yellowfin tuna;

-  the Vietnam artisanal round one man boats for squid and cuttlefish.


Fourteen companies can supply Friend of the Sea certified products from the Indian Ocean:


-  Agifish (pangasius from Vietnam)

-  Clean Seas (kingfish and mulloway farmed in Southern Australia)

-  FAB Sea Resources, Jarla Trading, Sta Cruz  Seafood (tuna from Philippines)

-  Frabelle Fishing Corporation (tuna from Papua New Guinea) 

-  Hue Fisheries Development, Seanamico, Seaprimexco, Stapimex  (tropical prawns farmed in Vietnam)

-  Ocean Ming (squid and cuttlefish from Vietnam) 

-  Panca Mitra Multi Perdana (tropical prawns from Indonesia)

-  Raptis (tropical prawns from Northern Australia)

-  Spring Bay Seafoods (mussels from Tasmania) 


I run Chain of Custody spot-checks to at least 5 companies per month, visiting harbors, coldstores, warehouses and processing lines. 


Download my updated spot-checks schedule and browse the images of my monitoring activity.

Certified Products

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