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Il sushi made in Verona di Zushi da oggi ancora più sostenibile con Friend of the Sea

La catena di ristoranti giapponesi Zushi ha aderito al programma Sustainable Restaurant dell’associazione internazionale Friend of the Sea che verifica l’impatto sull’ambiente della pesca e dell’acquacoltura.


Friend of the Sea awards tuna processor Tropic Sri Lanka for its commitment towards the conservation of yellowfin tuna in the Indian Ocean

The Negombo-based company has recently launched an innovative project named “FCP@SEA” to increase the recruitment rates of yellowfin tuna stocks in the Indian Ocean.


Popular OMEGOR® Vitality by U.G.A. Nutraceuticals found compliant with Friend of the Sea standard for sustainable Omega-3

Italian supplement company U.G.A. Nutraceuticals achieves Friend of the Sea certification for OMEGOR® Vitality line from a blend of highly refined oils.


Farmed sea bass and sea bream from Corfu Sea Farm S.A. confirmed Friend of the Sea certified

Just-concluded third-party audit confirms Greek Corfu Sea Farm S.A. European sea bass and sea bream compliant with Friend of the Sea standard for seafood from sustainable aquaculture.


Leader Price debuts in Italy with Friend of the Sea canned tuna on the shelves

Friend of the Sea certification for sustainable seafood and aquaculture confirms and further expands its presence in Italy.


Is your cell phone safe for whales?

In occasion of the World Oceans Day, international NGO Friend of the Sea calls both the shipping industry and consumers to take actions to prevent ship strikes.


Responsabilità a tavola: hai mai provato il

Quattro nuovi ristoranti milanesi nel progetto e sono già 40 in tutta Italia. Si allarga il programma di certificazione Friend of the Sea.


Omega Fish line by Italian EOS Secondo Natura meets Friend of the Sea standard

Italian cosmetic and natural remedies company EOS Secondo Natura achieves Friend of the Sea certification for Omega Fish product line.

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