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Fisheries > Vietnam - Handline Squid and Cuttlefish Fishery

Vietnam -Ocean Ming Seafood Co. Ltd- Handline - Squid and Cuttlefish - FAO 71

 Company requesting the audit: Ocean Ming Seafood Co. Ltd

Approved Target Species: Loligo edulis, Sepia pharaonics, Sepiella japonica, Loligo chinensis, Loligo formosana.


Fishing Method: Line and hooks - Vietnamese traditional basket-shaped small boats - Thuyen Thung


Fishing Area: FAO 71 - Vietnam EEZ


Stock Status: According to FAO 2005 “Review of the state of world marine fishery resources”: Loligo spp, Sepidaee and Sepiolidae are only Moderately to Fully Expoloited in the Western Central Pacific. The stock is not Overexploited.


Discard: According to auditor 0% Negligible

Last Audit date: 21/07/2008

Next audit before:

Status: no longer APPROVED

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