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Orkla. FAO Area 27, Long line - Jigging - snurrevad - fixed nets , Gadus morhua
Last audit date: 07/09/2017 (Surv.)
Next audit within: 
Status: Approved
Insung Corporation* FAO Area 41, Midwater trawl, Merluccius hubbsi
Last audit date: 04/11/2016
Next audit within: 06/12/2019
Status: Approved
Marine Harvest FAO Area 27, Danish seine, Gadus morhua, Pollachius virens
Last audit date: 27/01/2017
Next audit within: 11/05/2018
Status: Approved
MCB Seafoods* FAO Area 27, Gillnet, trammel net, Gadus morhua, Pollachius virens
Last audit date: 10/06/2015
Next audit within: 04/08/2018
Status: Approved
Orkla* FAO Area 27, Jigging, longline and seine, Gadus morhua
Last audit date: 10/05/2016
Next audit within: 09/05/2019
Status: Approved
Puerto de Celeiro*. FAO Area 27, Longline, Merluccius merluccius
Last audit date: 18/10/2016
Next audit within: 18/10/2019
Status: Approved
*Companies that have applied for certification before the current accredited system.


Certified Products

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