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Asaro Matteo Cosimo Vincenzo SRL, FAO Area 37, trawler, Aristaeomorpha foliacea
Last audit date: 17/04/2018
Next audit within: 17/04/2019
Status: Approved
A Raptis & Son FAO Area 71, Midwater trawl, Fenneropenaeus merguiensis
Last audit date: 22/07/2016
Next audit within: 21/11/2017
Status: Due to surveillance audit
Atlantic Shrimpers Ltd* FAO Area 34, Midwater trawl, Penaeus monodon
Last audit date: 07/07/2015
Next audit within: 31/08/2018
Status: Approved
Cold Water Prawns of Norway AS* FAO Area 27, Midwater trawl, Pandalus borealis
Last audit date: 26/10/2015
Next audit within: 25/10/2018
Status: Approved
Gel Peche* FAO Area 51, Midwater trawl, Penaeus indicus, Penaeus monodon, Penaeus semisulcatus, Metapenaeus monoceros
Last audit date: 17/06/2008
Next audit within: 31/12/2016
Status: Expired
Recertification in progress
Gruppo di Azione Costiera Sardegna Orientale (GAC)* FAO Area 37, Trawler, Nephrops norvegicus, Aristaemorpha foliacea
Last audit date: 15/06/2015
Next audit within: 29/10/2018
Status: Approved
Medina/Rosso di Mazara FAO Area 37.2.2, Trawler, Aristaemorpha foliacea
Last audit date: 27/05/2017
Next audit within: 24/07/2018
Status: Approved
Corrective Action(s)
PT. WINDUBLAMBANGAN SEJATI FAO Area 71, Trammel net, Metapenaeus ensis, Penaeus monodon, Penaeus indicus
Last audit date: 08/08/2017
Next audit within: 10/10/2018
Status: Approved
*Companies that have applied for certification before the current accredited system.

Certified Products

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