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Fisheries > Squid & cuttlefish

Insung Corporation* FAO Area 41, Midwater trawl, Loligo gahi
Last audit date: 04/11/2016
Next audit within: 06/12/2019
Status: Approved
MCB Seafoods* FAO Area 27, Hand line, Loligo vulgaris, Sepia officinalis
Last audit date: 10/06/2015
Next audit within: 04/08/2018
Status: Approved
Minh Dang Company LTD* FAO Area 71, Trawler, Uroteuthis chinensis, Loligo edulis, Sepiella japonica, Sepiella pharaonis
Last audit date: 09/11/2016
Next audit within: 19/11/2018
Status: Approved
RAI Seafoods* FAO Area 57, Hand line, Loligo chinensis
Last audit date: 21/07/2016
Next audit within: 20/07/2019
Status: Approved
Seatec Chile (E.I.R.L.)* FAO Area 87, Hand line, Dosidicus gigas
Last audit date: 11/12/2015
Next audit within: 28/02/2019
Status: Approved

*Companies that have applied for certification before the current accredited system. 

Certified Products

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