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Fisheries > USA - Purse seine ľ Gulf menhaden, Atlantic menhaden - FAO Western Atlantic Ocean

USA - Purse seine – Gulf menhaden, Atlantic menhaden - FAO Western Atlantic Ocean

Company Requesting the Audit: Omega Protein
Approved Target Species: Brevortia tyrannus, Brevortia patronus
Fishing Method: Purse seine
Fishing Area: FAO Area Western Atlantic

Approved Vessels

Stock Status:

Atlantic menhaden:this fihsery is managed through indiviudal States legislation that is finally managed by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC). The last stock assessment named “Atlantic Menhaden Stock Assessment Review and Panel Report” published in May 2010 concluded that the stock is not overexploited and is not considered overfished even if overfishing has occurred in 2008 but not in the previous ten years.

Gulf menhaden: the management of this resource is coordinated by the Gulf States Fishery Commission. The last publication of the Global Trust Iffo Global Standard for the Responsible Supply of fishmeal and fishoil states that, despite this resource is not managed by using a quota system, the technical measures adopted are strictly enough to mantain the stock in a healthy status. Technical measures includes closed seasons and areas, or limited entry. After annual stock assessments these measures are shown to be strictly enough to keep fishing pressure below the threshold reference point and the stock can be declared as not overfished nor overexploited.

Discard: according to the evidences provided by the company the discard level is less than the 1%. This is confirmed by the FAO publications “Discards in the World’s Marine Fisheries. An update” 2005

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Date of the last Audit: 22/07/2014
Date of Renewal Audit: 21/07/2017

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