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Fisheries > USA – Gulf menhaden – Purse seine - FAO 31

USA – Gulf menhaden – Purse seine - FAO 31

Species: Brevoortia petronus (Gulf menhaden)
Gear type: Purse seine
Fishing Area: FAO Area 31 (Gulf of Mexico)

Fishery management: The Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission (GSMFC) is the competent fishery management organisation, responsible of setting policies and conducting the stock assessment.

A stock assessment update was published in 2016, including data from 2012 to 2015 to previous assessment.

Stock status: According to 2016 GSMFC report, the fishing mortality rate decreased during the 1990s and has remained low since then. Spawning stock biomass has increased steadily since the 1990s and has remained high since then. The Gulf of Mexico Gulf menhaden stock is not experiencing overfishing and is not overfished.

Habitat impact: The fleet uses purse seine, which is set in the water column, with only occasional interaction with the seabed and hence low impact on the benthic communities.

Bycatch and discards: The fishery maintains records of bycatch and discards. The fishing gear used is highly selective and an excluder device is used to exclude large animals from the tube used to pump fish on board the vessel.


Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission (GSMFC)



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