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Here are some examples of promotional Videos & Commercials, some of our certified companies produced. 


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School activity 2012

  Omega Protein wins Friend of the Sea Award for sustainability efforts.


 Austral Ggroup - Concurso Ecoeficiencia


 Dhyrberg - Erste Lachs. Raeucherei der Schweiz


 Olympic Seafood - Rimfrost Krill. Eco-collecting apporach


  As do Mar - La Qualità e il Rispetto


 DKSH Seafood



 Vitempo (Healthspan) - commercial Vitempo Ecomega3


 As do Mar commercial



 Cleaning the beaches - As do Mar sponsored action


 European Seafood Exposition - Brussels


 FOS DAY Italy 2012 - Milan


 One to One Meeting - Venice 2013


 School activity 2015


Whale Watching

Certified Products

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