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Sustainable Ornamental Fish Certification


Ornamental fish is a generic term describing aquatic animals kept in the aquarium hobby: fishes, corals, crustacean, mollusks and live rock.


Approximately 1,000 freshwater and 1,000 marine species are traded annually in the ornamental fish trade. The aquarium industry is worth over $1,000 million USD.


A conscientious and well-informed consumer can greatly help protect wild species and safeguard the natural environment. The Friend of the Sea sustainability ecolabel on ornamental fish products is critical to inform consumers about conservation measures undertaken by the suppliers to reduce their potential environmental impact.


Friend of the Sea Certification Requirements for Sustainable Ornamental Fish (download) include the following:


- The species is not redlisted as endangered

- The Company has valid CITES authorization

- A management plan for sustainable reef harvest is in place

- No-take reef reserves and replenishment zones

- Non-destructive fishing methods

- Communities involvement and training

- Collectors training on proper collecting and post-harvest handling

- Corals farming and restoration plans

- Compliance with legal requirements for pollution prevention and waste management

- Chain of Custody Friend of the Sea Audits are carried out by independent certification bodies.


Friend of the Sea has 25 years experience in coordinating international fisheries and farms audit and monitoring activities.


If you are a producer and wish to apply, please fill in the online Preliminary Information Form and Friend of the Sea will provide you with a quotation.


Over 500 companies from 50 countries have products or service certified Friend of the Sea (seafood, Omega3, fishmeal, fishoil, fishfeed, shipping, whale watching). This ensures companies with Friend of the Sea certified products a higher international visibility and consumer awareness of the Friend of the Sea ecolabel.


Friend of the Sea promotes certified Ornamental Fish suppliers to the international market and consumers globally.


Walt Smith International, based in Fiji, has been the first company to obtain the Friend of the Sea certification for sustainable ornamental fish production.

Certified Products

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