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Friend of the Sea President is Dr Franco Bray, Food Technologist. Past President of the Italian Food Technologists Association. Franco's dedication to environmental conservation started several years ago when he introduced to the Italian food industry the concept of reduced and lower impact packaging. He is now working voluntarily with Friend of the Sea to provide strategic and scientific advice.








Paolo Bray is the Founder and Chief Executive Director of Friend of the Sea. Paolo is also the European Director of Earth Island Institute Dolphin-Safe project. Based in Milan, Italy, Paolo manages the project since 2007.









Amod Ashok Salgaonkar is a member of the Advisory Board of Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth. He is a food and mass distribution expert in India. He has got a master's degree in fisheries with ICAR NET qualification and is responsible for the dissemination of FOS and FOE projects throughout the world, especially in Asia.









Trixie Concepcion is a member of the Advisory Board of Friend of the Sea. Trixie is also Project Development and Outreach Officer of Friend of the Sea for the Pacific Asia countries.









Litzie Makhotine is a member of the Friend of the Sea Advisory Board. She has been working for over 36 years with various fish and meat producers (poultry, lamb and beef) all over the world (EU, NZ, Australia, Latin America) but also in the fields of R&D, quality and sustainability. Today she is the business and quality director of a French company that provides frozen and fresh food to distributors and meals makers.









Carla Rubino is Friend of the Sea Communication Officer.













 Chiara Grisenti is Friend of the Sea Operations Officer.













 Paola Elpidi, Friend of the Sea International Development Manager.














Vittorio Coco is Friend of the Sea Ambassador for Sri Lanka.
























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