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Companies from all over the world rely on Friend of the Sea by assessing the sustainable origins of their own products.


185 companies in Europe, 42 in Asia, 29 in South America, 25 in Africa, 27 in North America, 12 in Oceania.


Approximately 50% of certified products originate from aquaculture and another 50% from fisheries.


Products from the main commercial species have been certified, including tuna, sardines, anchovies, mackerels, salmons, trout, cods, soles, turbots, shrimps and prawns, mussels, scallops, clams.


Friend of the Sea is proud that more than the half of the certified products originate from artisanal fisheries or aquaculture producers in developing countries. In line with the FAO Guidelines, Friend of the Sea has become a tool for small scale producers to promote their own products from low impact origins.


Certified Products

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