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I det här avsnittet hittar du de senaste pressmeddelandena från Friend of the Sea och en samling nyhetsartiklar om Friend of the Sea.
Avsnittet uppdateras kontinuerligt. Kom tillbaka för att kolla på nyheterna!

Friend of the Sea Press Releases

Press Releases from Friend of the Sea on project development, certified products and others.

Planned, Ongoing and Concluded audits

List and description of planned, ongoing and concluded audits to allow stakeholders feedback.

Press Review

All articles about Friend of the Sea

Sustainable Info

Useful information and instruments to learn more about sustainability

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All articles from the Web

Short news

Noteworthy issues in a few words...

Certifierade produkter

Friend of the Sea - Buenos Aires 45, 20124 Milan Italy - HQ +39 0287075166 - Italy +39 3485650306 - Skype: friend.of.the.sea