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Acuicultura aprobada

Más detalles sobre los establecimientos de acuicultura y alimentos para peces aprobados y otros recursos útiles.

Pesquerías aprobadas

Más información sobre informes de pesquería, actualizaciones, existencias de peces y métodos de pesca aprobados. Más información

Whale Watching

Whale Watching

Más información acerca de los operadores de observación de ballenas aprobados.
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lunedì 1 febbraio 2016

Swiss EnergyBalance Omega-3: Fish oil supplements are certified sustainable by Friend of the Sea

EnergyBalance, the producer of premium nutritional supplements and health products in Switzerland, has been awarded Friend of the Sea certification for its unique Ovega3 fish oil capsules.

venerdì 29 gennaio 2016

Norwegian San Omega achieves Friend of the Sea certification for sustainable fish oils

San Omega’s Omega-3 supplements are now carrying Friend of the Sea seal of approval. The fish oil at the base of the whole product line originates from approved Friend of the Sea fisheries.

venerdì 22 gennaio 2016

DailyNutra™ Krill Oil Formulas are now Friend of the Sea certified

DailyNutra™ Krill Oil Formulas, sourced from Antarctic krill (Euphasia superba) are now carrying Friend of the Sea seal approval.

giovedì 21 gennaio 2016

Australian Spring Bay Seafoods blue mussels from Tasmania confirmed Friend of the Sea certified

The blue mussels’ producer Spring Bay Seafoods Pty Ltd has renewed its Friend of the Sea certification for sustainable aquaculture.

lunedì 18 gennaio 2016

Sustainably farmed scallops from Peruvian Acuapesca confirmed Friend of the Sea certified

The Peruvian company Acuacultura y Pesca Group (Acuapesca) has been confirmed Friend of the Sea certified for scallops from sustainable aquaculture.

giovedì 14 gennaio 2016

19 South Australian sustainable fisheries potential candidates for Friend of the Sea certification

A comprehensive report on the stock status of 45 commercial fish species in South Australia, the status of South Australian Fisheries Report by PIRSA, has recently been released, covering fish, crustaceans and shellfish.

mercoledì 13 gennaio 2016

Damsa sardines and mackerel from Morocco obtain Friend of the Sea certification

Sardines and mackerel from Damsa – Moroccan fish cannery belonging to Copelit Group – have positively undergone audit for sustainable fishery and chain of custody verification.

lunedì 11 gennaio 2016

Friend of the Sea launches new ‘Non-entangling FADs’ standard to reduce sharks and turtles mortality in tuna fisheries

Friend of the Sea has recently introduced new criteria for the certification of tuna from sustainable fisheries, requiring the use of non-entangling Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs).

domenica 10 gennaio 2016

Larkburger Serves Sustainably Sourced Tuna Burger

It may be known best for its classic beef burgers, but Colorado fast-casual concept Larkburger is introducing a fresh take on a different menu item this week: the tuna burger.

lunedì 28 dicembre 2015

Farmed corals and ornamental fish species from Fiji’s Walt Smith International obtain Friend of the Sea international sustainability certification

Walt Smith International, LTD (WSI) is the first company to obtain the Friend of the Sea certification for sustainable corals and ornamental fish.

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